WILI Poster #1

I was given four images and told to place them in a poster format, while incorporating the WILI logo from the Willimantic Radio station. Upon realizing that the black and white would clash with the color logo, I created a new WILI logo, placed it in the right corner and placed the three images around it. Finally, I gave the dates a paintbrush splash in the background for a nice, clean look. 

Phoenix Logo for Franklin Academy 


Upon graduating Community College, I was employed by the administrator of the High School I graduated from. I was tasked with creating a logo of their mascot for the school- a phoenix. I sent them many drafts in Adobe Illustrator until they were satisfied with the result. 

Flier for business.jpg

First Flier for business

I created this flier in Adobe Spark to promote my brand. While I specialize in Graphic Design, I would like to employ my voice acting and writing skills too. I am looking forward to working with you!