What is Brand Management, exactly?

Everyone who uses the internet brands uses brand management. Even if you don’t go further than Facebook or Instagram, your intention is to display your best self to the world. It’s not simply about websites- first impressions are important, and they’re far more lasting than we’d like to think.

I had a professor at the University of Connecticut who told me about a former student who contacted him to collaborate on a project. The email was nothing but professional, but when he found them on Facebook he was disgusted by their posts. He chose to ignore the email.

Brand management is about defining every aspect of you online and in person. What do you want to do? What’s your tagline, your takeaway? Are you just trying to sell your products, or do you want to communicate something further? Some companies emphasize their political stances. Others define themselves by how eco-friendly they are. I want to start at the baseline- who are you, as an individual? What do you bring to the table that’s unique to you, and why should people care?


My Experience in Branding

The first time I heard the words “brand manager” I got excited. All of my experience until that moment made sense- I’d used all the skills I needed to get started, but I had no idea how to turn that into a job. I’d produced websites and business cards, helped family get their social media accounts set up, but it hadn’t been concrete until I heard those words. Suddenly, it made sense.

While I was working with WILI Radio, I used my voice, editing and writing skills to create commercials that were clearly defined and what the client wanted- they were snappy, they had music and they told a short story.

While working at Waldorf Publishing, a remote internship at a publishing company, I read several different stories and gave my thoughts in the margins- this is what the clients want to convey to the world, at a different scale. Everything is brand management. A single sentence that could be misconstrued to be sexist could change the entire outlook of the book.

While freelancing, I’ve gone to take photos of clients. Everyone tends to be stoic around the camera—it’s rarely as easy as pressing a button. The relaxed, confident businessman is what resonates with people. It’s my job to get to the center of that. The idea of brand manager just appeals to me because taking on an entire person’s ideas, thoughts and aspirations and putting that forward in today’s world is thrilling. Like everyone, I want to succeed, but I want to help you as well. That’s the bottom line.