Since you’ve come this far…


This is my dog, abbey rose. I love her. 

I got into writing when I was very young. I remember being at my grandma's house and working on my own Star Wars story. When I found it later in life, it was mostly scribbles, which was a strong contrast to the memory of me frantically producing a masterpiece, crayon in hand. I carried that passion for writing with me, and eventually added design to it, using Photoshop to make presents for my friends. 

As I entered the University of Connecticut, my design took a back seat to electives and academic writing using APA style, which was entirely new to me. My biggest challenge was a tenured professor who bragged that "he'd been in a gun fight" and was happy to cut points off for every tiny AP style mistake, out of the big book we bought for class. 

I also joined a fraternity to make friends, and ended up signing on to be the Community Service Coordinator. While it was nearly impossible to get people onboard, it did carry the passion I have for protecting the environment-- nothing matters more to me, and I remember a small book I wrote as a child-- it was meant to be my biography, and I got to maybe page 2. But the title page said "Calen Nakash: Environmentalist, photographer, writer, voice actor," it just went on and on. I still hold three of those passions at the forefront of my mind. 

I'd love to use my voice, writing and design skills to help a company grow. And someday I'd like to give back to the earth I'm living on. 


If you've read this far, thank you! There are a thousand personal websites out there, and I'm happy you took a look at mine.