Copyediting Samples

This was my first time attempting to copyedit for a job interview. I was given an assignment and followed it the best I could.  


- In the space below, write 1 copy-only post advertising Bayview’s 50% off Invisalign
braces special for the month of October.


My submission:

Did you know that smiling can help reduce stress, improve your mood and make you
more approachable? It’s true! At Bayview Dental, we know how important your teeth
can be. For the month of October, enjoy 50% off when you purchase Invisalign braces.
These state of the art, comfortable aligners rest easily in your mouth, shifting your teeth
without the need for surgery. Visit Bayview Dental at 247 Portland street to take the next
step in your life. And start with a smile today.


- In the space below, write 1 copy-only post about any of Bayview’s
diagnostic/preventative dental services and WITHOUT using “you” language. This post
can be informative or engagement oriented.


My submission:


Damaged or missing teeth can look unsightly, and dentures can be uncomfortable or
embarrassing. At Bayview Dental, we offer dental implants that act and feel like real
teeth. These implants are composed of a metal post that is highly compatible and easily
fused with the jawbone, providing a durable replacement that will last a lifetime. After
surgery, our doctors follow a specialized restoration plan to restore patients to their
former health. Because at Bayview Dental, we know the value of a looking and feeling
well. Visit 247 Portland Street and make that next step today.


While I didn't get the interview, I feel I learned a lot about the process! 

Calen Nakash